With outrageous censoring of Natural News, Google now becomes the internet’s #1 BULLY and pusher of hate speech… #SaveNaturalNews

Friday, February 24, 2017 by

Google’s outrageous censorship of Natural News continues, all part of a coordinate campaign to assassinate my character, silence the Natural News website and empower the voices of those pharma-funded critics who have been relentlessly attempting to shut down Natural News for years.

SIGN THIS WHITE HOUSE PETITION NOW to demand a federal government investigation into the anti-trust violations of Google, which now functions as an Orwellian, monopoly disinfo organization that deliberately eliminates entire websites from search results simply because they don’t like the content.

By censoring Natural News, Google also vastly improved the rankings of dishonest, malicious and pharma-funded Natural News critics who then moved up into the ranking spots that should have been legitimately held by NaturalNews.com content.

This effectively silenced Natural News from being able to defend itself against all the malicious attackers and pro-pharma publishers who have waged a coordinated smear campaign against myself and the Natural News website. Those sites include the Genetic Literacy Project, run by Jon Entine, whom Natural News exposed as a wife beater, and pharma-funded Forbes.com, where Jon Entine was a contributing author for several years. It also includes all the vaccine propagandist websites (Rational Wiki, etc.) that have been desperately trying to silence myself and Natural News because of our efforts to protect children from mercury in vaccines.

Science Blogs’ David Gorski, whom I have reported to the FBI for a long list of possible violations, collusion and crimes, is also key in the attacks against me. Gorski is a sociopath, a breast cancer surgeon, a friend of the “Amazing Randi” who solicits young boys for sex acts, and a genuine danger to society at every level. He’s one of the internet’s most prolific hate speech propagandists and he’s now been handed extraordinary power by Google to defame and smear Natural News (among other targets). (He’s also a highly ranked editor on Wikipedia, which is run by pro-pharma trolls and sinister propagandists.)

In this way, Google has become complicit in the HATE SPEECH bullying of Natural News, all in the same week that Google has released “anti-bullying” technology to censor user comments. But what the rest of the world is now coming to realize is that GOOGLE IS THE BULLY.

You are witnessing the coordinate persecution of a man who dares speak the truth in a society dominated by evil and deception

What you are witnessing taking place right now is the most insanely cruel, dishonest and criminal character assassination campaign that has ever been waged against anyone other than Donald Trump himself.

Note the timing of all this, because this tells you everything:

SEVEN days ago, I went public with the fact that I had been threatened and ordered to “destroy Alex Jones” or I would be destroyed. I refused to take part in betraying InfoWars and Alex Jones, knowing full well that I would pay a huge price for taking that position.

FOUR days ago, InfoWars was subjected to intense economic sabotage by AdRoll cutting off $3 million in InfoWars store revenue.

THREE days ago, Google censored the entire NaturalNews.com website, delisting 140,000+ pages from its search results.

TWO days ago, I am personally subjected to a massive barrage of malicious hit pieces from the media, decrying me as “anti-science” because I have the real science that says we should not inject mercury into children (and that vaccines given to children in America still contain mercury).

TODAY, the hit pieces are all ranked at the top on Google when anyone searches for “Natural News,” making sure that the smears and defamation achieve top billing in Google.

Friends, this is all 100% coordinated across the entire pharma-controlled, anti-Trump establishment which includes Google and the fakestream media.

This is all being done to me for the simple reason that instead of betraying InfoWars, I went public and told them to F##K OFF.

By the way, you would think that after sticking up for InfoWars like this, they might find it in their hearts to acknowledge some of this, but InfoWars has so far said nothing publicly about this that I’m aware of. Why isn’t Paul Joseph Watson, whose videos we regularly publish across our many websites (including TalkNetwork.com) sticking up for Natural News? After I just knowingly took a massive bullet for them, I’m not feeling much reciprocating support. When is Jones going to realize we either hang together, or we hang separately?

Google now openly exerting its monopoly power to silence voices of dissent

What all this demonstrates, by the way, is that Google really is part of a “deep state” smear machine that can choose to silence and destroy any person at any time for any reason of their choosing. Just as Star Trek’s Klingons have to de-cloak to fire, in assaulting me, Google has just been forced to show its hand and demonstrate to the entire world that it is FAKE SEARCH, functioning as an extension of the same deep state that’s now trying to destroy and overthrow President Trump.

No wonder public trust in Google is being shattered. By becoming a target they couldn’t resist, I have now exposed Google’s true darkness for the whole world to see. Now, no rational person can ever defend Google again. They are openly banning an entire website as part of a coordinated character assassination and smear campaign.


And sign the White House petition to demand a federal investigation in Google’s anti-trust violations and assaults on free speech.

Watch this important, eye-opening coverage of all this from SGTreport.com:



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