Another Project Veritas bombshell reveals the IRS is still infiltrated by deep state operators who weaponize the agency to target conservatives

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Over the past several days Project Veritas has published a number of videos featuring its undercover journalists exposing “Deep State” operatives within various federal agencies. On Tuesday, the group released another video, and it’s every bit the ‘bombshell’ the previous videos have been.

The latest video – the fourth in the series thus far – features two people identified as employees of the Internal Revenue Service claiming that the agency’s former commissioner, John Koskinen, actually deleted emails so as to hide them from investigators so he could cover up a major IRS scandal.

As reported by Breitbart News, the two employees are seen condoning the IRS’ “unjust treatment” of conservative non-profit groups in the run-up to the 2012 election, “and one seems to affirm allegations that the former IRS commissioner appointed by Barack Obama deleted evidence to cover up that scandal.”

One of the named employees is identified as IRS lawyer Jerry Semasek who said “mistakes were made” in the way the agency handled the discrimination scandal involving several 501(c)(4) non-profit organizations that had names like “tea party” or “patriots” in them. Those groups, it was later revealed, were singled out for additional scrutiny and in some cases denied non-profit status or had it delayed so they could not engage in political activities supporting conservative candidates during the election cycle.

As government watchdog Judicial Watch noted, “President Obama’s IRS was used against his political opponents to help him win reelection.”

Said Semasek on the video: “The law requires that an organization can’t be political, it can’t be partisan to be tax exempt… Those employees in Cincinnati, Ohio, started to separate them and put them in a pile. And it turns out that they were like the Tea Party group of people.”

He noted further, “And I think they did, like Lois Lerner and maybe some of her employees were more liberal-leaning or Democrats so I don’t know if they disallowed them, but they required them to produce more documentation to try to prove that they weren’t partisan.”

‘I don’t care if it’s a crime’

In a separate meeting, an undercover journalist from PV engages with a man identified as Thomas Sheehy, an IRS tax examiner and member of the Austin [Texas] Democratic Socialists of America. In the video, he appears to heap praise on former IRS Commissioner Koskinen for the way he handled the scandal, saying he could not be held to account “because he deleted all the emails.”

“Conservatives got really mad at him,” says Sheehy. “He was so cool, though, because he deleted all the emails so they could not hold any evidence against him.”

At the time, Congress had subpoenaed all emails related to the targeting scandal, but Koskinen repeatedly ignored the subpoenas. Eventually, he claimed they were backed up on tapes but then the tapes magically disappeared three weeks later – destroyed, along with all the evidence GOP lawmakers were seeking.

Democrats at the time dismissed allegations that what Koskinen did amounted to a scandal and impeachable offense, claiming they were “baseless” Republican attacks, in the words of Rep. Elijah Cummins, D-Md.

“Yeah, I don’t give a s**t if that is a crime for doing that because…you should increased scrutiny to [Tea Party] groups because a lot of them are just f**king fronts for the Koch brothers or whatever,” Sheehy said.

The tax examiner said what other federal employees outed by Project Veritas in its Deep State series have said: There are more Democratic Socialists working at the IRS besides himself. That, and he and the others also take advantage of lax oversight to conduct DSA business while on the taxpayer’s dime.

“As our Deep State investigation continues to unfold, four government agencies have responded resulting in the removal of two federal employees from their job duties. Stay tuned to see which Government Agency we unmask next,” said PV founder James O’Keefe.

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